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Clavadistas del Sol (Divers of the Sun) is a non-profit amateur diving program. Divers compete at the local, regional, national, and international level. Your (child’s) level will be determined at an evaluation/tryout.


Practices held at Cactus Pool, 7202 E. Cactus Road, Phone (480) 312-7665. Occasional practices will be at McDowell Mountain Pool and Eldorado pool, when Cactus Pool is unavailable.


Head Coach: 

Josh Rusboldt (480) 329-6035


Cassandra Anderson:

Henry Fusaro:

Jennifer Bauer:

Guest Coach: Dr. Alan Spreen

CONTACTS/board members:

Head Coach/2nd VP: Josh Rusboldt 
President:  Bob Luberto
Vice President:  Phil Cheetham
Secretary: David Fulk 
Alternate Board member:  Guy Sugden
Executive Director/Team Manager: Lia Fusaro 480-980-3505


There are several local meets which your diver will be encouraged to attend. You can see the schedule of meets on the website calendar. Please review the website and put these meets in your calendar ahead of time. If you notice an out of town meet coming up, ask your coach if your child is expected to attend. You may need to register for the meet at


Parents will help run the meets which our team sponsors – generally one in the fall and one in the spring. Please plan on being available to help out at these meets. Tuition is due even if you leave for the summer, we still need to pay the coaches if you're out of town.
There will be one or two fund raisers a year, if necessary, in order to keep tuition costs down. We are a not for profit organization. (i.e. tax deductible).


  • Divers are expected to dive on both 1 and 3 meter boards.
  • Divers will be expected to be at each practice on time. If you need to miss a practice please send an email to, or contact your coach..
  • Divers on the top 3 “competitive” teams are required to perform to a standard as set forth by a “standards” contract signed by both athlete and Coach.
  • Divers are expected to behave in accordance with “CdS Rules and Regulations” as signed in new diver packet.
  • Coaches will not tolerate improper language, conversations or conduct at practice or at meets. 


All divers must register with USA Diving. You can register either as competitive Blue or Gold (ask the coach if you are unsure how to register). Most divers who just start out will register as competitive Blue. Please register online at You (your child) may not dive until they are a registered diver with USA Diving.