Hall of Fame


1995 Sr. National 3m Champion
 1996 Olympic Trials 3m Champion
1996 Olympian, 4th place



6x Jr. National finalist 
3x Sr. National qualifier

3x Jr. National finalist


4x Senior National Qualifier



2000 West National 1m and 3m Champion
2x Jr. National finalist

3x Jr. National finalist


3x Jr. National Finalist


2002 West National 1m Champion 

 5x Jr.National finalist 

 3x Sr. National qualifier



2 x Jr. National finalist 
 3 x Sr. National Qualifier 
2006 West National 3m Champion 
 2006 Sr. National Finalist

2007 Sr. National qualifier



2004 Jr. National Finalist 
 2x AAU National finalist


7x Jr. National finalist 
2007 West National 3m Champion 
4x Sr. National qualifier